Louis CK Did Two Anonymous Club Shows In Australia, No One Noticed

Louis C.K., proving that the attitudes of the internet are in no way representative of the attitudes of the real world (except cats, we can all agree on cats), has revealed that his inaugural Australian comedy tour – the one where he sold out the Sydney Opera House – also featured two anonymous club shows in which no one there recognised him.

“I made an effort to get as wide-ranging an experience as I could,” the internet’s spirit animal said in an interview published in The Age.
“In Melbourne I did the Athenaeum, and snuck out and did a show at a
little comedy club.”

“Nobody in that audience had any idea who I was, which was
refreshing. It had been a while since I had that experience. I did the
same thing in Sydney. I got a sense of what the clubs are like.”

The obvious question being: how you gonna go to a comedy club and not know who Louis C.K. is?