Lose Your Brains Over This Teaser For The Return Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Guys, it’s hot as shit out here at the moment, but on the other side of the world it’s cold as hell, which means everyone in America is staying inside a lot more to ride out the winter, which means they’re spending a lot more quality time with TV, which means networks are slowly putting all your favourite shows back on the air after summer and/or Christmas breaks. Rejoice!

AMC favourite The Walking Dead is about to fire up again for the back half of their fifth season. A vague and fairly lacklustre teaser surfaced a few weeks back, featuring not much else but some fog, a few gunshots, and a looming sense of dread.
The powers that be seem to have acknowledged the lukewarm response, because now we’ve got ourselves a proper look at what to expect for the conclusion of the season.
In short? Rick Grimes pretty much wants you to kill anything that moves in order to survive. Kill everything, and then things will be ok.
Colour me absolutely fkn pumped.
The Walking Dead returns Monday, February 9th Australian time. Those of you with Foxtel can catch the new episodes express from the US on FX.