Loose Unit Steals Fire Truck, Queensland Police Not Amused

Hi guys, what did everyone do this morning? Did you go to boot camp in the park, indulge in some greasy food to ward off that hangover, or maybe draw the blinds and reward yourself with a lazy Saturday morning fap? Whatever you did, it was utterly bloody pissweak compared with the Queensland man who stole a fire truck and took it for a joyride at the Gold Coast.  

Police say that the unnamed 25-year-old man from Wynnum West stole the vehicle from the Beenleigh Fire And Rescue Station at about 9.20 this morning. GPS coordinates led police to his location, and they intercepted him half an hour later, on Tamborine Mountain Road, laying down tire-deflating stingers to stop his progress.

I was only vaguely aware that tire spikes were a thing outside of Grand Theft Auto games, but I’m guessing Queensland police are little like their GTA counterparts, in that they brought the man to a gentle stop instead of ramming him until his vehicle exploded and he woke up outside a hospital, slightly poorer but with his inventory intact.  

Authorities charged the man with unlawful use of a motor vehicle and unlicensed driving. The man’s mates have likely charged him with being a sick c–t and a loose unit. ‘STRAYA!

via The Australian
Picture: Saeed Khan via Getty Images