Looks Like Malcolm Roberts Was Still A British Citizen When He Got Elected

Queensland One Nation senator/absolute dingus Malcolm Roberts appeared on ‘Paul Murray Live‘ tonight in an effort to clear up any questions about his Australian citizenship.
The questions were raised after Section 44 of the Constitution claimed the scalps of/forced the shock resignation of two Greens senators from Parliament, and one Nationals senator from cabinet
Roberts apparently “chooses to believe” that he is an Australian citizen, because he was “never British“, despite the fact that he was born in India to a Welsh father and travelled using a British passport as a child. Up until tonight he has regularly told the media that he has never been the citizen of another country. It has been very confusing.

His spokespeople have said that he renounced any dual citizenship he may have had in June last year.
And on Paul Murray‘s show he acknowledged that was true, but also admitted that he didn’t receive confirmation of his renunciation of British citizenship until December last year – which was y’know almost six months after he was elected to Parliament. 
He reckons – and he says he has sought legal counsel on the matter – he’ll be fine if he’s challenged in court, because he had taken reasonable steps to renounce his dual citizenship: “I’ve taken all steps that I reasonably believe necessary.” 
Roberts said he started the process by asking the British consulate if he was a citizen in May 2016, and then when he did not receive a reply, he followed up in June, just three days before election noms closed. He emailed them again to say if he had citizenship, he was hereby renouncing it. 
Labor senator Sam Dastyari is calling bullshit on the idea you can just send an email to give up your citizenship. 
Roberts is now requesting a formal, independent review of all current MPs’ eligibility for Parliament, and of all former MPs who receive a parliamentary pension. 

Source: The Australian
Photo: Parliament of Australia.