PEDESTRIAN.TV have teamed up with Optus to make sure your next binge sesh isn't borked by a lack of data.

Binge-watching is one of the great gifts of our time. It’s the undisputed, ultimate form of escapism.

There’s truly no better feeling than having your brain conjure up elaborate dreams about characters and plot lines from TV shows you’re deeply emotionally invested in while dreaming.

When iso hit, we were kind of gifted with the time to brush up on any missing links in our pop culture knowledge. Seriously, if you’ve exited quarantine without having smashed all seasons of The Sopranos, I’m judging you.

binge watching

Unfortunately, every time I sit to binge a show I end up over-thinking whether I’ve made the right decision with my selection and end up quitting after 3 episodes and repeating the whole process.

So, because I am a pusher, and I push people (and since Optus is slinging 24-hours of unlimited data*), I thought I’d ask for some binge-watching inspo from ~my people~.

Anyway, I was truly shocked to learn what my friends had put their eyes through, but left in awe never-the-less – here’s what they said.

The Family-Pressure Binge

“My family got really into The Walking Dead, they had just bought the Pinball Machine and they told me to start binge-watching or move out essentially. I had 4 seasons to watch in 2 weeks so that I could watch the 5th with them.

I binged it so hard as there are so many episodes per season (some have 20 eps). I watched it so much I literally felt like I was living it. At 4 am binging it, one of the characters died and I have literally never cried so hard in my life I was actually in physical pain.

I burst into my parents’ room and they were like, “did Beth die?” – Emma

The Bronchitis Binge

“My Bronchitis-induced binge-watch of all 3 directors’ cuts of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, watched consecutively, was the most strenuous marathon I’ve ever endured.

682 minutes of Tolkein, which lead to some very interesting fever dreams to say the least.” – Racheal 

The Sandman-Binge

“I watched 5 Adam Sandler movies the day before my HSC English paper because I was so stressed the exam and needed something to calm me down.

Honestly, staring into the eyes of the Sandman, taking me away from my study notes for the day was the best decisions I could’ve made.

To be clear, I watched, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups 2, Funny People and Blended, so a wide variety of films from the Sandler-verse. I ended up getting 96 in my exam which just proves Adam Sandler’s power.” – James

The Avoiding-Spoilers Binge

“I downed Game Of Thrones seasons 7 and 8 in basically one day. Because I had started the series so long after it had finished, there were spoilers everywhere and I just needed to get it done.

It was worth it because I was genuinely thrown with every plot twist/storyline.” – Luke  

The Iso-Binge

“So, during iso I managed to watch Never Have I Ever (which is only one season so far, to be fair) and Unbelievable in one day.

It’s truly telling of just how lazy I got over this time, because I’m never usually like this but both shows were so damn addictive and relatable I couldn’t get my eyes off”. – Shaylene 

The Force-Binge

“In high school I did one of those classic all-nighter movie marathons and pretty much smashed through 3-4 Star Wars movies. My brain went all weird the next day.” – Fran

So, now that you’ve got a multitude of suggestions (and records to beat) at your helm, start feasting from Optus’ data buffet, rug up and get bingeing.

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Image: Fight Club