There’s A Wild Rumour That Lockie Dumped His Ex Just 2 Days Before Signing On For ‘Bachie’

It’s been less than a week since the new Bachelor was announced and there’s already some hot goss about the new leading lad, Locky Gilbert.

A woman claiming to be a friend of the Survivor star’s most recent girlfriend claims he dumped her just two days before going into Bachie lockdown, insinuating that he only broke up with her so he could sign on for the show.

“She was devastated! Getting dumped by any means is horrible, but finding out he’s The Bachelor… it was a big blow to her,” the friend told Woman’s Day.

“She was absolutely smitten with him – they shared a really special bond… she thought he was The One.”

He’s also been criticised by fans for entering the dating show just days after his Survivor co-star Brooke Jowett seemed to imply the pair were in a relationship.

Last week, Brooke said, “We haven’t completely written it [our relationship] off, it’s just very complicated with the distance.”

Brooke even took to social media to express her disappointment over the news.

“I’m hurt and a little blindsided (excuse the pun) but I wish the best for Locky, I always will ???? (Secretly I hope he stacks it and splits his pants on day one) Haha,” she wrote.

“I guess we had different things planned in our heads for what was to come over the next few months but you can’t be mad at someone for doing what they feel is best for them, even if it does sting a little.”