Locky Was Spotted With *Another* Woman In Perth & Laughed Awkwardly When Asked About Bachie

Footage has emerged of serial reality show star Locky Gilbert partying in Perth with a woman who is very much not one of The Bachelor contestants, and according to the person who papped him, he was acting pretty damn sus about the whole thing.

The clip comes to us via Insta page @bachiefunny, who noted that Locky is neither laying low until the season’s over, nor hanging out with whoever actually won, which “kinda screams he’s not with the winner anymore.”

If true, it means whoever does come out on top at the end of the series may well have been given the flick before we even know who they are.

But the plot thickens, because the fan who spotted him “chattin’ up the youngins” was brave enough to actually go up to the man and ask a couple of cheeky questions.

Most importantly, they noted he was hanging with the same blonde woman all night long.

“He’s definitely single from what I could see,” the fan added.

“I said to him, ‘Obviously you didn’t end up with anyone from The Bachie,’ and he looked at the blonde girl and awkwardly laughed.”

“I don’t think he’s with any of [the Bachie contestants], and if so, well fuck seemed like he had a good night hahahaha.”

The whole interaction happened at Perth bar The Peach Pit on Sunday night, if anyone’s wondering where to go to investigate the matter for themselves.

Back in early August, Locky himself told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he was “head over heels in love right now” and “wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Whether that’s changed or whether it was a bit of an exaggeration is still up for debate, according to the good folks of Insta.

Heaps of people have already noted the woman at the bar could in all likelihood be just a mate. Even @bachiefunny conceded that much right off the bat.

Meanwhile, one person commented that “he’s the horniest bachelor l’ve ever seen,” and tbh, that’s something to keep in mind.

However it’s just strange behavior, and his reaction to the fan’s questions doesn’t help things in the slightest. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.