A Bachie Evictee Claimed Locky And Bella Were Set Up & The Whole Season Was Just For Drama

locky bella set up

Hoooooo boy, sit down and grab a glass of wine because former The Bachelor contestant Nadine Kodsi has dropped an absolute bombshell on the So Dramatic! podcast. Happy Friday, Bachie fans.

Despite having less than 10,000 Instagram followers, So Dramatic! is quickly becoming a go-to for reality TV ~drama~ in Australia and tonight has well and truly solidified that.

In the episode that premiered on Friday night Nadine threw some hefty allegations about the show, producers and even the possibility of the whole season being a sham.

Obviously, it’s important to acknowledge that anything a former contestant says about the show on a drama podcast should always be taken with a big, giant grain of salt and at this point these are all just allegations. Obviously, there’s no way to validate Nadine’s allegations, at least until the show finishes, so make of the following information what you will.

In the explosive tell-all interview, Nadine straight up claimed that this year’s Bachelor Locky Gilbert is “the worst one”, that the drink limit is allegedly non-existent, and even that the producers threatened to sue her if she walked out. Oh, and let’s not forget the part where she claimed the Bachie girls were subject to a hotel quarantine-style lockdown prior to entering the mansion.

(It should be noted that Warner Bros., which produces The Bachelor, strongly denies any overconsumption of alcohol occurs, that RSA is taken very seriously, and that cast are given no more than two drinks per hour. A Network 10 spokesperson said alcohol consumption is “very closely monitored” during filming.)

The whole interview is absolutely wild, but the *real* tea being spilled is about season favourite Bella Varelis.

According to Nadine, Bella and Locky were already set up to be the final couple before the season even began.

“I honestly think Bella is going to win and the reason why I think that is because I personally think it was set up,” she told So Dramatic!

Nadine’s theory claims that Bella entered the show under the condition she would win, which is a huge allegation to throw around.

“Apparently they met in Bali and she basically made an agreement to go on the show and then they’d be together. Now it’s so obvious because if you were there on the night, I actually said ‘you are going to win’,” Nadine alleges. “I asked her ‘did you guys know each other beforehand’ and she said ‘no I’ve never met him’.”

Obviously, it’s important to note that this rumour is essentially a big ol’ game of Bachie Chinese whispers, so we should take it with a huge grain of salt. But apparently, the rumour around the mansion is that Bella actually t0ld a fellow contestant about the alleged set up.

“So she told [one of the other contestants] that they met in Bali, they had an agreement, it was always going to be her. So basically, we were all just background puppets to create drama and she was always going to be the one to win.”

At this point, I’m not too inclined to believe the theory because it’d be absolutely ridiculous to tell another contestant about this alleged sham. I mean, she’s known the other contestants for what? A week? And you’re trying to tell me she’s divulging the biggest secret in Bachie history. Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

But throughout the interview, Nadine appeared to give herself a little big of wiggle room with the hefty allegations by throwing both Bella and other favourite Irene’s names out there and asserting that she wasn’t “100%” sure out of the two.

“It’s between Irene and her. I can’t say 100% sure because I’m not certain but you can hear the voices.”

In response to Nadine’s claims, Bella told the Herald Sun that she “didn’t even have a conversation” with Nadine. So, grain of salt.

I mean, if you throw the two season favourites at a wall, it’s highly likely that one of them is going to stick, so the allegation that either Bella or Irene wins isn’t exactly groundbreaking. But if Nadine really is telling the truth and the whole Bella/Locky set up really did happen, I reckon we need to send So Dramatic! a bloody Walkley award for investigative journalism because this is some god-tier tea being spilled.

As it currently stands (according to Sportsbet), Bella is in second place for the race to win Locky’s heart at $2.50 odds, compared to Irene at $1.75. It’s not exactly shocking to think Bella wins, but does that mean it was a huge conspiracy? Look, probably not.

The Bella/Locky allegation is really just the tip of the iceberg for this wild interview, but if you’re keen to hear a whole bunch of (alleged) Bachie tea, you can listen to the full episode below.