Lock It In – ‘Underground’ and ‘Brynne’ Airdates Confirmed

You know when your favourite turkey – let’s call him David – lays all these eggs at once and you’re really hungry for some great eggs so you run to collect them in a basket – let’s call it your Ratings Season 2012 Basket – and you’re so excited to eat all the eggs at once that you run straight back to your kitchen, but on the way you trip on a rock – let’s call it, I don’t know, Gina or The Shire – and you break all the eggs. Suddenly you’re covered in the foetid yolk of a dozen awful rotten eggs and they’ve all broken, except for one.

Well that last unbroken egg is to my terrible shell-shocked analogy what ‘Underground: The Julian Assange Story‘ is to Channel Ten. Seriously.

Still with me? Ten have revealed the airdate – or the hatch date – for the last egg in its yearly basket of hopefuls, the telemovie detailing the angsty pubescent years of Australia’s most divisive export and style icon Julian Assange, played by newcomer Alex Williams.

Underground will premiere at 8:30 on October 7th and will go up against Nine’s House Husbands, which has today been renewed for a second season, and Seven’s premiere of Killing Time.

Seven has also confirmed it will air the first episode of Brynne: My Bedazzled Life on Thursday October 7th at 7:30pm, which from preliminary accounts, sounds like it’s actually going to be entertaining television, or the televised equivalent of this train-wreck! Get it? Because her dress has a ridiculous train and also because Geoffrey Edelsten looks pretty wrecked.

Underground screened last week at the Toronto International Film Festival to highly favourable reviews. Hollywood industry bible Variety even called it a “guaranteed small screen event of the year… this timely, strongly thesped drama reps quality material for fests and broadcast outlets worldwide.” You can read more collated reviews at TV Tonight.

Perhaps this will be the beginnings of the fresh look Ten are so earnestly imploring us to search for. That, or they better greenlight that second series of Puberty Blues ASAP.

Photo by Scott Barbour for Getty Images Entertainment