Racist posters which popped up on power poles, walls and buildings in Newmarket in inner northwest Brisbane have been taken down and torn up by residents, according to an ABC report

The posters which cry “Diversity is white genocide” were apparently posted up by members of the Australian alt-right community The Dingoes, who are all objectively awful and wrong. Don’t @ me. 

These are young men who like to talk to Mark Latham on their podcasts, because they apparently respect his opinion. No one should respect Mark Latham’s opinion. On their website, they co-opt both the language of Indigenous rights (dispossession, self-determination)  and the fictional good ol’ days (cobber, larrikin, etc) to speak about just how hard it is to be a middle-class white man, living in multicultural Australia. It’s almost like they control the political class and the media. 

Anywho, turns out Newmarket locals don’t agree with their politics either – since the posters started being pasted up on Monday, many, if not most, have been defaced or ripped down. 

Stuart, a local, told the ABC: 

I think they’re very short-sighted, not very well thought out. The message seems to be something about we’ve had these immigrants increase in population and trying to depict it as a downside, without looking at the whole picture. 

“Where would we be if those people hadn’t arrived? What do the poster people know about who those immigrants are, where they fit in society? They’re not all on the dole, I’m sure of that. There’s many educated people who are contributing to our society and enriching it.”

The news arrives just one day after media reports of racist posters stuck up in Melbourne universities, written in very clumsy – let’s be honest, probably Google Translated – Chinese. The posters said that Chinese people would not be allowed into the building or they would be deported. Clever.

Earlier this month racist posters popped up in Sydney, attacking people of colour, as well as public figures like Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Waleed Aly and Sarah Hanson-Young.

Two other groups are allegedly responsible for the posters in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Some people have been calling the removal of the posters a form of ‘censorship’, to which we respond: 

Source & Photo: ABC