Over the weekend, the internet was thrilled to watch Aussie legend Shane Warne have some kind of meltdown over ‘TODAY’‘s critiques for his lothario-ish online presence.

The panellists on the show’s ‘Sunday Jury‘ segment were not as kind as they could be, referring to him as, “creepy Uncle Warnie who hugs too tight” and likening him to *that* guy who sits at the end of a bar spouting cheesy pickup lines, “hoping that one of them will work.” 

This was all to do with Warnie’s recent comments of supreme thirst on international model Emily Ratajkowski‘s Instagram photos.

Warnie was not at all happy to say the least, tweeting on Sunday morning,

He’s doing just fine! Bloody jernalists. 

But Warnie was not placated by just the one angry online post, tweeting again 8 hours later to say almost the exact same thing, but with the added bonus of legal threats:

But he’s not standing alone in this fight, you guys. He has the support of controversial entertainment reporter Piers Morgan:

And he also has the support of his ex-fiancee Liz Hurley, who earlier this year Shane told fellow contestants on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ he believed was “the one”.

LUNA? That’s actually quite adorable. But nevertheless, Warnie‘s still mad as hell. 

He will not be called creepy for thirst-liking photos of women he doesn’t know, and that are young enough to be his daughter. He *will not* take your criticism lying down. Up with this, he will not put. 

For he is the one and only Shane Warne; love it or fuck off. Can’t bloody wait for that miniseries about Warnie’s lovelife, tbh.

Liz Hurley Goes In To Bat For Warnie After He’s Dragged For Em Rata Thirst

Source: Twitter / @shanewarne

Photo: Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty.