The house from Full House is on sale.

If you have $4 million you can buy it. It’s in a really nice part of San Francisco, the bedrooms are huge, and you can totally convert the basement into a quality bedroom a la Uncle Joey when he got back from the war.

It is the best excuse ever for substituting every day expressions with awesome Full House catch phrases.
Instead of saying yes you could say “you got it dude” with simultaneous finger point. Wasn’t Michelle a character!
Add a little bit of Uncle Joey hilarity into your day with “Cut. It. Out.” if anyone gets in your grille.
All swear words will be replaced with “have mercy”, spoken as Elvis. And “how are you?” will now be “sit Ubu sit – good dog.”

Interest in the Victorian-era house, located at 722 Steiner Street, has been so intense the website for the listing has actually crashed. It seems a whole lot of peeps really want to live next door to Kimmy.

Until the site is back up, prospective buyers can check out the property here:

Rumours abound that the next sitcom-related property to be put on the market will be the Chicago apartment that Larry and Balki shared in Perfect Strangers.