Bid Farewell To Hours Of Your Precious Time, ‘Cause That 24/7 Alaskan Bear Cam Hath Returned

There is nothing more soothing than listening to the sound of Alaskan rivers while bears, waking up from hibernation, hunt for upstream-swimming salmon. I would know, as that’s what I’ve been accidentally watching for the past 37 minutes. I say accidentally, because I only intended to watch the live feed for a few moments. But those bad bitch bears reeled me in, goddamn it.

The live feed cams are situated around Katmai National Park, a majestic area of land in southern Alaska, allowing us to observe the bears frolicking beside various falls and river bends. There’s also an underwater salmon cam, where we can observe salmon do salmon things. Riveting shit.

Speaking of the underwater salmon cam, there were 15 of us watching at the same time. I felt a real bond to those voyeurs. (Watching salmon swim upstream will have that effect on you.)

Salmon aside (for now), at time of writing, I came across this blessed beast of a bear, going for a cheeky dip…

There was also this guy, who’s been frozen for roughly 5 minutes.

I could spend hours staring at this brooding silhouette, wondering what’s caused his stoic poise. (Perhaps he was going about his day, then instantly dissacociated back to a time when he made a huge fool of himself at a house party… Happens to the best of us.)

CEO of not moving! King!

Alas, I digress… You can find all the live streams right here. Go forth. Run wild. Spend the rest of your iso watching bears. The ultimate form of escapism.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to jump in the bath, turn the lights out and imagine I’m a salmon swimming upstream in the river of life.

Alexa, play Alaskan river sounds.