Lindsay Lohan’s New Movie Rejected By Film Festivals

Producers of Lindsay Lohan’s new film The Canyons have received a series of firm “thanks but no thanks” from US film festivals with “quality issues” cited as the reason for the snubbings. Rejected by Sundance and now the SXSW film festival, the lack of love for Li-Lo is hardly a surprise considering Lohan’s career has slipped from train-wreck to planet-ending asteroid collision on the career disaster scale.

Directed by Paul Schrader (Scorseses go to script man), The Canyons suffered through it’s share of Lohan related shoot problems including a $46,000 hotel bills, erratic on-set behavior and days-long disappearances, yet considering some of the talent involved and the Bret Easton Ellis hyped script, there were hopes that there may have been a method to the Lohan madness. That was before they dropped the awful trailer last October. Obviously going for that Robert Rodriguez-esque schlocky B-Grade tribute feel, the trailer barely tops first-year-film-school chic.

Schrader has remained loyal to the film while others involved have jumped from the sinking ship. Lohan has said the film is “bullshit” while a deflated Easton Ellis saidIt’s an hour 30 and it feels like 3 hours. I saw this as a pranky noirish thriller, but Schrader turned it turned it into, well, as Schrader film.”

Check out the clip below. Lindsay catches a water bottle, looks for her phone, and fights with Christian about Ryan. Tense. Coming to a DVD store near you.

via The Huffington Post