The Real Housewives Of Dubai Is Coming & Andy Cohen Wants Chaotic Queen Lindsay Lohan To Join

Yesterday, Andy Cohen himself shared exciting news for The Real Housewives fandom: The Real Housewives of Dubai is launching v. soon!

The cast of gals set to flip tables and whip out bunnies includes ex Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury along with Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan Hall and Nina Ali.

They seem like a spicy bunch and I love this for both them and us, but folks were quick to point out that there’s a certain someone who would make a perf addition to the cast.

Given that The Real Housewives has been known to recruit actresses, especially those whose fame has dimmed a little, why not chuck Lindsay Lohan a bone?

She’s no stranger to reality TV, having scored her own miniseries on Oprah’s network OWN, which charted her spicy life, including moving house, chewing out her assistant, bitching about her agent not scoring her a Marvel audition, and being her typical, erm, let’s just say ~dodgy self~ on-set.

And since she’s a Dubai resident, and has been for some time, she’d be an IDEAL Housewife! I know, I know, she’s not a wife IRL, but that hasn’t been a barrier in the past. Bethenny Frankel wasn’t a wife or mother when she first joined and she’s arguably one of the greatest Housewives of all time.

Speaking to TMZ, Andy Cohen said he “would love” Lindsay to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai. That was all he gave us, but it’s good to know he’s keen!

Have a peek at the clip below:

I’m sure she’d be exxy as fuck, but if The Masked Singer Australia can afford her, I’m sure Bravo can!

Plus she’d be worth every single cent of whatever millions she’d cost.