Lindsay Lohan Plays Muse To Richard Phillips (Again)

Oh, Lindsay – I still just want to grab you by those ridiculous duck bill lips of yours and shake some sense into you. Just over a year ago LiLo teamed up with artist Richard Phillips on a short film for the Venice Biennale, a screen test in slow motion that saw Lindsay fall somewhere halfway between Edie Sedgwick and Edie Britt (the skanky one from Desperate Housewives) in terms of screen presence, and now the two are at it again in the name of Art.

Lohan and Phillips have reunited on First Point, a five minute film co-directed by renowned surf filmmaker Taylor Steele, which is set to premiere at that other prestigious art fair, Art Basel. Inspired by iconic surf films like Endless Summer and David Lynch’s Lost Highway, First Point was scored by Thomas Bangalter (one half of Daft Punk) and shot on Malibu beaches with Lohan pouting in luxuriant slow-motion in both repose and a full-body steamer on a longboard (courtesy of body double Kassia Meador).

There are four trailers below, but you only need to watch one or two to get the gist of all four. Phillips has reiterated previous sentiments about Lindsay, sprouting well-worn platitudes about the actress including:

There isn’t really anybody who occupies the lens to the extent that [she] does. Something happens when she steps in front of the camera. There is this magnetic energy. She’s embodied Marilyn Monroe, and now she’s embodying Elizabeth Taylor, but she’s arguably more beautiful than both of them. She is very aware of the way that an icon is constructed, and that’s something that is unique. She’s still alive, and she’s more powerful than ever.”

There’s no doubting Lindsay’s a magnetic presence on-screen and off – there’s a reason articles and films like this exist in abundance – but for someone in the throes of yet another career resurgence, isn’t it a bit much to champion LiLo as a cultural icon with the acting chops of Monroe, or Taylor?

Lindsay Lohan: self-aware icon consciously moulding herself into the stuff of legend, or Lindsay Lohan: just a girl trying to catch a break? (Longboard joke!) Miss you, Cady/Annie/Hallie.

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