Lindsay Lohan Says Paris Hilton Lied About *That* Night Out With Britney Spears

For years Paris Hilton has been dragging former friend Lindsay Lohan through the mud, knowing that she’s no longer in the spotlight so she won’t have the platform to hit back. Well guess what binch? Lindsay’s back and badder than ever and she wants to clarify some alleged BS that’s been spun by Hilton lately.

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Remember ~that~ iconic night out where the two stars partied with Britney Spears, earning them the moniker The Holy Trinity?

Well, Paris recently claimed that it was supposed to be a night out for the two blondes until they were crashed by a clingy LiLo.

“She just squeezed in and I didn’t want to humiliate her in front of all the paparazzi and be like ‘get out of my car,’ so I was like whatever,” she told Andy Cohen on his radio show.

Check out the shady chat below:

Now, during Lindsay’s appearance on the same radio show, Andy asked if Paris’ version of events was accurate and according to the Mykonos-based beach club mogul, they were not.

“I haven’t even seen her in years,” she said. “And that’s not the story, so let’s just pass on. I’m not here to talk about Paris.”

Poor Lohan seemed v. uncomfortable being asked about her friend turned rival for obvi reasons.

“She made it seem like she didn’t even know how you got home that night,” Cohen said.

“Maybe she doesn’t remember it, end of story,” Lohan responded, implying that Hilton was probz too cooked with Spears to know what was going on.

Cop the whole awkies interview below:

Lohan’s obvious discomfort when asked about Hilton is no doubt ‘coz she’s well aware that the heiress has been trashing her in the press for years.

When a pop culture Instagram page shared that iconic video of Lindsay calling Paris a cunt then denying it, Hilton commented, “Pathological Liar.”

And last year when Lindsay announced her MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Paris and her then fiance Chris Zylka shaded the heck outta it and her.

One of TMZ‘s gossip mongers asked the pair if they’ll watch the show, to which Zylka responded “negative” with Hilton adding “we’re a little too busy, we have better things to do.”

The photog then asked Paris if she has any advice for her ex-bud, having had mass success with her own reality show The Simple Life.

“There’s nothing like the original, nothing like the OG,” she responded.

He then asked if she had any tips for making the show a success to which Zylka sassily responded “stop”, as in Lohan should stop trying to be a success. Buuuuurn.

Paris then chimed in, saying “if somebody messes with my family I don’t forgive.”

Yikes! Check out the entire savage encounter below:

So we can’t expect a trinity reunion any time soon then?