Lindsay Lohan, WE MISSED YOUR PARTYING WAYS. We really missed it.

We didn’t even realise how much, until we saw this phenomenal clip of you dancing up a storm in Mykonos like you’re 10 drinks down and trying to impress the DJ so he’ll go home with you later.

I have literally no bad words to say about this dancing, it is I C O N I C. This is me, after champagne, thinking everyone needs to see my Year 6 choreography to ‘Come On Over, Baby‘. It’s you, at your 21st birthday, dancing on the fold-out hire table because everyone has to pay attention to you/fear of injury doesn’t exist after 4 Jagerbombs. It’s all of us at 4.30am tonight performing for the remaining 30 people in the club who are also performing for the remaining 30 people in the club.

It’s also apparently everyone, everywhere.

Even Busy Philipps is getting into it.

Honest to fucking god, if you don’t think Lindsay is you, has been you, is your internal soul, whatever. You’re wrong and lying to yourself so immediately go see a psychologist who will tell you that, in fact, Lindsay Lohan dancing in Mykonos is you.

Image: Instagram / @lindsaylohan