It’s been a lonely season of The Masked Singer Australia without our queen Lindsay Lohan, but hold on to your butts because it looks like she could be back next season.

2019 was a much simpler time when we could travel freely, make out with whoever we wanted and our biggest worry was whether or not Lindsay Lohan *really* knew who Gretel Killeen was.

But Channel 10’s head of entertainment Stephen Tate has just hinted that they’d “love to have her back.” I’M SCREAMING.

“Lindsay is still very much a friend of the show and all of the team,” he told the Sunday Telegraph. “She has been in touch throughout this whole thing [filming]. Of course, we would love to have her back [on the show].”

“Let’s see what 2021 brings,” he said.

Lohan was unable to film this season of the hit show due to coronavirus restrictions, and was replaced by the uber-funny Urzila Carlson, who has done an absolutely fabulous job on the show. But unfortunately, she just isn’t Lindsay Lohan (don’t worry, Urz, I’m not either).

Here’s hoping she makes a return for the 2021 season of the show, or maybe she’s been here all along and she’s secretly under one of the masks.

Can you imagine the judge’s faces when she’s revealed to be the real Queen (sorry Kate Miller-Heidke)?? ICONIQUE.

It truly is Lindsay Lohan’s world and we’re just living in it, baby.

The season final of The Masked Singer Australia hits our screens tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Channel 10.