There’s A Fetch As Fuck Rumour That Lindsay Lohan Is Being Summoned For American Horror Story

Lindsay Lohan New Netflix Movie

There’s a red hot rumour that Ryan Murphy has been courting Lindsay Lohan to appear in an upcoming season of American Horror Story.

The actress absolutely slayed her performance in Netflix’s Chrissy flick Falling for Christmas and industry insiders have been saying that this is just the beginning of her big comeback.

Two separate sources previously told goss guru Insta Deuxmoi that Lindsay is being eyed to appear in an upcoming season of the freaky deaky series AHS.

In one Deux tip, the anonymous user wrote: “The fact one of Ryan Murphy’s favourite actresses left a reply on Lindsay Lohan’s post about getting back to work might appear like a simple nice gesture, but they’re actually in talks to co-star in the next season of a certain series.”

After spotting this, I instantly scanned LiLo’s latest post for comments by stars and found this one by Sarah Paulson (who is in almost every single Ryan Murphy series) with praise hands. I didn’t see anything about getting back to work, but perhaps it was deleted after buzz got around? Either way, I’m betting dollars to donuts that it’s either American Horror Story, or possibly even American Crime Story.

And that’s not all, folks!

In a subsequent message, with the subject line: “I HAVE TEA – LINDSAY LOHAN AND RYAN MURPHY”, another insider writes: “I have sources that also can confirm that Ryan Murphy is very interested in La Lohan.

“He has been a real advocator to her comeback and I heard the project is very tongue-in-cheek.”

The thing that I find most amusing about this is the fact that the character Madison Montgomery (played by Emma Roberts in Coven and Apocalypse) is based on LiLo. How very meta!

Imagine if Lindsay is cast in the forthcoming season where the witches return? What if she plays a witch and fights alongside Madison? AHHHHHHH!

To add fuel to the fire of this rumour, Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian (a fellow icon) have both been cast in the new season.

So is Lindsay appearing in the new AHS instead of Lindsay due to her pregnancy, or will they both appear?

God I hope it’s the latter.