It’s no secret that social media is a space for A-listers to flaunt their opulence. Cardi B, for one, posted 7 IGTVs last night as part of her house tour, which features a goddamn gun-range shooting room. Kylie Jenner, for another, posted a YouTube vid of Kris Jenner gifting a bébé house to Stormi. Meanwhile, Lily Allen is out here flexing her $2 bills.

The No Shame chanteuse channelled her inner Instagram baddie for Christmas by posting a series of videos unboxing her gifts from partner David Harbour, in what can only be seen as a major troll.

The videos depict Allen opening a Cartier watch and rings, alongside by a truckload of boxes with various dollar bill amounts.

Judging from the commentary, it’s pretty damn obvious she’s taking the piss.

“The 5s are gonna look so good next to my 20s and 10s,” Allen laughs at one point, panning across the various stacks of cash. “They’re just the right colour.”

“Are those the ones you wanted?” Harbour asks.

“Yeah, they are.”

“Good, I sent a lot of time picking those out.”

Check out the entire unboxing below, which also features Allen flaunting a ring on her finger, before noting that it’s “not an engagement ring.” Mood.

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Best Christmas Ever ????

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