Huge News, Fans of Wigs: Chris Lilley Is Working On A New TV Show

Great news if you’re a huge fan of wigs and funny voices: Chris Lilley is working on a new TV show. In a press release from the Queensland government, premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced that Lilley is working on a 10-part comedy series focusing on the Gold Coast.

Seeing as the announcement came from the office of the premier and is primarily focused on highlighting the achievements of the state government, details are a little sparse and uninteresting at this stage (unless you’re very into job creation):

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the 10 episode comedy project would film between March and June 2018, and generate a $6.35 million boost for the local economy. “I am delighted to have enticed Chris Lilley and producer Laura Waters to Queensland,” the Premier said. “The series will employ up to 250 Queensland cast and extras, plus around 100 Queensland crew.

The show is being backed by Netflix, a company which seems very much to be a huge fan of his work, as evidenced by a quick scroll of the ‘TV Comedy’ section of the site.

Lilley has faced some controversy over the last few years, as his penchant for colouring his face and doing ‘ethnic’ accents has started to look not so great as time has gone on. He saw a fair amount of backlash in July of last year after posting an excerpt from an S.Mouse (his blackface American rapper character) music video for the song ‘Squashed N****just a handful of days after the acquittal of the man who ran over Elijah Doughty.