Recently in my travels across the steppes of Northern America, I stumbled in the bookshelves of an Orange County house upon a stack of old LIFE magazines. Unfortunately, LIFE is now dead. However, the legacy lives on. You can even buy old copies of LIFE on the net, the earliest from 1936 goes for $179.99.

I find more interesting though, the fact that in this time of political revolution, I am in a country gripped by the excitement of the dreams once dreamt in the 60s living on. Dreams that we thought had been slaughtered are now bearing fruit, even amidst all the bloodshed. Peace, love, unity, change.

My favourite images from LIFE however, are not the covers of Armstrong’s moon landing or the retrospectives on Kennedy’s reign, but those that show the American dream itself, laying down, standing up, riding on into the Marlboro smoked snow.

The country remains the land of opportunity. LIFE proves it.