Lickit 2nd Birthday

The above photo, courtesy of Penylane, encapsulates everything that’s good about Lickit. Surkin got the beats out, Gaffy got the face paint out and everyone had the time of their lives. What more can you ask for?

The favourite party of many an interstate DJ, and host to an international roll call of the hottest dance producers/bands/DJ’s in the world, Lickit is arguably one of the best nights in Australia (RIP WolfGang). I’ve had countless munted dance offs within its wall, met a stack of future friends and yes, even my future wife. Though not in any sleazy club pick up way. In short, Lickit brings people together. So if you’re in the vicinity of the 4000 postcode tonight head down to their spiritual home, Empire Night Club, and help them celebrate their second birthday in style.

Manning the wheels of steel will be DFA’s own Tim Sweeney and his NYC brethren Cousin Cole with all the usual local low life residents in support…

Tim Fuchs, Jimmy2sox, Ladyboy, Charlie Why!, Steve T & Kieron C.

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