Take A Break From Politics-Related Stress With These Spicy #LibSpill Memes

You know what? Politics is the name of the game today, with the liberal leadership up in the air – and frankly who knows how this is all going to end. Will a large potato with a face be our new PM? Or will smarmy McSmarmface Turnbull remain in power (probs not although you shouldn’t ask me, I know very little). There’s some other guy in the mix too. Whatever.

[jwplayer CwUqv6Y6]

The point is – leadership of the Liberal party is up for contention and it’s led us Australians to do the thing we do best – take the piss out of our political leaders via spicy, spicy memes.

While my very intelligent and politically-aware colleagues give you all the serious facts about what’s going down in Canberra (it’s happening in Canberra, right? I DON’T KNOW OK) I’m going to provide you with a break from your hand-wringing and tension headaches. IT’S MEME-TIME, BABEY.

We’ve rounded up the spiciest memes we could find for ya. Heads up – if you feel we’ve credited incorrectly (those memes really get away from ya fast on the internet) hit us up on FB DMs).

Credit: Unknown
Credit: Unknown