Liam Payne has made a truly rogue post-One Direction move and revealed he spent 50 hours working on an oil painting of the deceased Queen Elizabeth II. Oh to be wealthy in money, time and resources.

To be honest though, the one queen I’d spend fifty hours painting is my housemate’s cat Stinky Rat. She is the only royalty I recognise.

Of all the people to dedicate 50 hours of your life to… Queen Elizabeth? Really? What about, I dunno, your best mate’s dog?

I am simply baffled by this, though Liam Payne being a monarchist somehow doesn’t surprise me.

The fact the painting is 4.5 feet (1.37 metres in normal person measurement) is what’s really sending me. That painting of Elizabeth is bigger than a small child and probably more dangerous too.

Imagine that falling on you while you’re getting a late night snack of yoghurt? Terrifying.

To be perfectly frank, this whole situation is the 2022 sequel to that one Harry Styles tweet dedicated to deceased (and widely despised) British Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Never forgiven, never forgotten.

All this being said, I have to admit something. Liam Payne’s painting? Not bad. I’d give it a solid A- in Year 11 art.

Renaissance Man Liam Payne Revealed He Spent 50 Goddamn Hours On A Payne-Ting Of… The Queen

The colour of ‘ol Lizzy’s dress is really rather lovely. It’s giving a sort of 2010 Pantone Colour of the Year vibe, back when mint green was truly inescapable. I think he’s done a good job on the eyes and the eyebrows. In fact, this painting reminded me to book in a brow wax and tint.

I’ll say it: I’d let Liam Payne do an oil painting of me if shit came to shove.

But wildly, this is not the first time Liam Payne has painted a member of the Royal Family.

I wish I was joking but my dear friends, I am not. Please cast your eyes upon this painting Liam made of Prince Philip.

We are maybe two royals away from Liam Payne setting up his own Etsy shop named “HRH Payne-tings”. I am calling it now.

I must implore that this man puts down the paintbrushes, gets back into the studio and starts working on a sequel to “Strip That Down” immediately. Give the people what they want.

Image: Getty Images / JC Olivera / Stringer / Instagram / @liampayne