This weekend, spare a thought for HitFix reporter Chris Eggertsen, whose entire life flashed before his eyes at Comic Con after a brief but extremely tense misunderstanding with Liam Hemsworth

At a media call, Eggersten approached the brick shithouse-built Aussie for a few quotes about The Hunger Games and said “Chris, nice to meet you” by way of introduction. Big mistake. Big. Huge. 

Liam Hemsworth Thought A Reporter Called Him Chris, Did Not Like It

“You call me Chris? You called me Chris, didn’t you?” said the younger Hemsworth, who clearly thought he’d been mistaken for his older, somewhat more stacked brother. 

He looked about ready to take things outside until the terrified journalist explained that he’s also Chris. Now that’s a clear-cut situation with the promise of comedy:

They cleared things up and had a good laugh about it, then Eggerstein went home and cried. Clearly, being the brother of the sexiest man alive weighs on the ego a little bit.

via HitFix
Photo: Chelsea Lauren via Getty Images