Look, we know you probably have a few extra bucks lying around, and we know you were probably just going to blow them on something stupid like rent or petrol, but we have a better idea: let’s pool our funds and buy this goddamn Game Of Thrones pinball machine. 

This beautiful beast, which was unveiled overnight, was designed by Stern Pinball, and is now available for pre-order. There are three different models, and while the $$$ required does reach near-Iron Price levels, we reckon it’s still a sound investment.

The limited edition version will set you back $US 8795, the premium goes for $US 7595, and the pro costs a comparatively reasonable $US 5995.

As in the hugely popular Game Of Thrones board game, players choose a house – Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell or the ever-delicious Tyrell – to fight for control of the Iron Throne.

Rory McCann – star of the world’s sexxxiest porridge commercial, and also The Hound on the TV show – provides narration to guide the players through, for that extra touch of authenticity. 

Features also include:

– An interactive, fire-breathing dragon and all-LED lit playfields.

– ‘Game of Thrones’ details such as a battering ram and castle doors, and a mechanical ‘sword of multiball’ that holds back reinforcements until attack.

– Three drop targets that light up the ‘Lord of Light’ lanes to protect against side drains.

– A kickback that fires the ball in anger when struck.

– A ‘Reel Pops’ software mechanism that offers players prizes by playing pop bumpers and spinning three virtual reels.

– An action button on the front molding with numerous interactive play features.

If you’re willing to spring for the premium, you’ll also get an extra ‘Castle’ playing area with extra flippers, an animated dragon and an in-built elevator.

The limited edition comes with all that, as well as hand-drawn cabinet artwork, a certificate of authenticity, a numbered plaque, “black powder-coated side armour” featuring elements of the Targeryen sigil, and an inscribed ‘Fire & Blood’ motto. 

For more details and an image gallery, you can check out Stern Pinball’s Facebook page.

via Wall Street Journal