Lip Sync Battle

The second reason is that sometimes celebrities will appear and put in such a mystifyingly ridiculous performance that it goes becomes its own horrific spectacle.

And thus, we have Mike Tyson, adorned in what appears to be shiny black meggings that unfortunately leave far too little to the imagination, leaping onto the stage to thrust, gyrate, and generally do everything EXCEPT lip syncing as Salt N Pepa‘s “Push It” plays over the top.

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]

So many questions.

  • Why the leggings?
  • Is thrusting literally the only dance move he has in his arsenal?
  • Why in Dog’s name did he choose “Hello, boys!” as his end pose?
  • Does a brush exist that’s capable of scrubbing my brain clean of seeing Mike Tyson make the cunnilingus hand/tongue gesture?
  • Why isn’t this show just Chrissy Teigen playing records, wearing dope jackets and grooving along by herself?

Because I refuse to suffer this alone, here’s this. Good luck mustering the desire to touch another human being ever again.

Let Us All Gaze Upon Mike Tyson As He Thrusts His Way Through Salt N Pepa’s “Push It”

via Uproxx.