Leslie Jones Logs Off With Heartbreaking Msg After Day Of Racist BS

Man. Fuck everybody trolling Leslie Jones. Like really, go crawl back into the hole from whence you came.

If you’ve spent anytime on the interwebs today, you might have seen that the Ghostbusters star has spent most of today retweeting the vile racists and/or misogynistic abuse she’s been copping. We’re not going to post any of it here, but this should give you some idea. 

It is fucked, and her mentions are a dark and awful place right now.

“I used to wonder why some celebs have don’t have Twitter accounts now I know,” she later tweeted, after dealing with this garbage all day. “You can’t be nice and communicate with fans cause people crazy.”

“As much as you want to think actors ain’t human I want to give you something to think about. I work off pure passion for this game. I’m more human and real than you fucking think. I work my ass off. I’m not different than any of you who has a dream to do what they love.”

All celebrities put up with their fair share of criticism – as is on par with a career in the spotlight – but the pure mountain of racist, targeted vitriol coming Leslie’s place has taken its toll.

“It’s like when you think, ‘Ok, I’ve proven I’m worthy’, then you get hit with a shovel of hatred,” she wrote. “I’m numb. I mean I know there is racism. But am I naive to think that some things were changing? Yes I was. We still live in a world where we have to say ‘Black Lives Matter’.”

“I’m so tired of it. Why is this still a fight? I want to hate so bad but I can’t because I know it doesn’t fix anything and just makes me sad. I’m not stupid to not know racism exists. And I know it will probably live on way after me. But we have to make people take responsibility for the hate they spew. We have to stand up to it. Block mfs but let them know they are racist and spewing hate.”

Things got really, really heavy. One person (or people) even managed to either set up a fake Twitter account that looks damn near identical to Leslie, or is actually hacking into her direct account, because they’re further posting awful stuff that LOOKS like it’s coming from Leslie, and it’s only adding fuel to the fire.

More than one tweet even directed homophobic rants at notorious + controversial right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos, antagonising his entire internet army.

This is next level trolling. Ghostbusters director Paul Feig even stepped in at one point.

Leslie signed off from Twitter tonight with these last, gut-wrenching tweets.

Literally thousands of people are coming in to support Leslie, celebs among them:

But yeah. Fuck trolls. You are all human garbage.

Photo: Ghostbusters.

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