If you haven’t been following the news about Lena Dunham‘s puppy adoption scandal – boy, there’s a fucking intro and a half – the Girls creator is currently feuding with a Brooklyn animal shelter over whether her beloved rescue dog was abused. 

Long story short, Dunham recently gave away her beloved rescue pooch Lamby, saying that caring for him had become too difficult thanks to the ongoing effects of years of mistreatment and neglect he suffered from previous owners. 

The Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition responded by going nuclear on Dunham’s ass, calling bullshit on her claims that Lamby had ever been abused by previous owners, saying that their records showed no evidence of this.

A representative of the shelter said that they would have been up-front about any known issues in the dog’s past, and essentially implied that Dunham was a thoughtless dog parent who got rid of the pup when it no longer suited her. 

“It’s just hard to believe the dog was nasty when she took Lamby to every green room with her when Girls was still a thing 4 years ago,” said Robert Vazquez of BARC, showing clearly that there is no love lost between them and the star.

You can read all about it here if you’re not yet up to date, but as the bizarre story continues to chug along, Dunham’s boyfriend, songwriter Jack Antonoff, has taken to social media to defend her against the media onslaught. 

In a series of salty Tweets, he wrote:

“Nobody on earth cares for or loved Lamby more than Lena … After her bit her father and her twice we found a trainer who deals with aggressive dogs who he now lives happily with. Was a deeply hard decision. Shoutout to everyone who has an opinion on this and didn’t live with us the past 4 years!”

In a lengthy Instagram post about the matter, Dunham acknowledged that she and the animal shelter have “very different” accounts of Lamby’s early life and circumstances, and defended her decision to adopt the pup out. 

Here he is in happier times, hanging patriotically with the squad at Taylor Swift‘s fancy Fourth of July bash:


Happy Fourth!!! Still with the #Squad ??

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Source: E! Online.

Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty.