Reese Witherspoon Confirmed ‘Legally Blonde 3’ In The Most Elle Woods Way

Sometimes, movie studios go over-the-top to promote their upcoming projects. They go hogwild with the branded goodies and social media takeovers. They even send creepy-ass dolls to journalists.

But some films only require Reese Witherspoon reclining on a pool inflatable to build the hype.

Legally Blonde 3 is one of those films.

In the most relaxed piece of promotional material we think we’ve ever seen, the star confirmed reports that the millennial cornerstone is returning for a third instalment.

For what it’s worth, the studio also made a Twitter post, but it’s hardly as luxe as Witherspoon’s (lack of) effort.

The posts serve to confirm earlier reports that MGM Studios is indeed moving ahead with another Elle Woods film. 

Earlier, Deadline reported that screenwriters and a producer from the original Legally Blonde film are attached to the project, meaning you can expect the same kind of humour and attitude showcased back in 2001.

See you in 2020, pals.