Now that ‘Bachelorette’ Georgia Love‘s chosen one has been revealed in winner Lee Elliott, we’re getting a bit more insight into how hard it was to be apart in the lead-up to the finale – especially when her mum Belinda‘s worsening pancreatic cancer meant she had to be admitted to palliative care in their home city of Melbourne.

As per their contractual agreement with Channel 10, GeLee (that’s their couple name, as of now) were strictly banned from seeing each other unless the meet had been pre-organised and approved by the network ahead of time, using bait-and-switch tactics that included checking into airports and hotels under fake names.

But when Georgia’s mum was admitted to a hospice, Lee cracked it at producers and threatened to blow the lid off the show’s finale before it aired if he wasn’t allowed to be with her.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore,” he told Woman’s Day. “It got to the point where I phoned the network and told them I was going to go to the hospice whether they were going to help me or not. I wanted to be there with her. It’s only natural to want to be with the person you care about in a situation like this.”

He went on:

“I’ve been there for Georgia as much as I can, but obviously there have been restrictions and it’s always a covert operation. It’s not as though I could just jump on the car and drive over, which is what I wanted to do.”

Georgia has heaped nothing but praise on 35-year-old Lee for the support he’s given her during “one of the worst weeks of my life” in the days since the finale aired.

“A small solace I can find in this extremely difficult time is that I have this amazing man by my side and for that I feel so lucky,” she posted, next to a loved-up selfie on Instagram.

Lee’s already been given the tick of approval by Belinda, who he eventually did get to meet in the hospice (she was too sick to fly to Singapore for the finale with Georgia’s dad and sister), and the couple told WD marriage is 110% on the cards further down the track.

“I can see us getting married and we will,” said Lee.

Lee Threatened To Break ‘Bachie’ Contract To Be W/ Georgia & Her Sick Mum

Source: Woman’s Day.

Photo: Channel 10.