Leaked Sony Emails Reveal Margot Robbie Is In Line To Play Barbie

In a development that will surely keep the internet in think pieces and hot takes for weeks, Australian actress Margot Robbie has emerged as the front-runner to play Barbie in a live action film based on the popular doll.
This information came to light after Wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of emails reportedly taken from Sony’s servers last year, after the company fell victim to a mass hacking.
In the emails, executive Doug Belgrad says that he likes Robbie for the role, to which former Sony boss Amy Pascal replies “she is Barbie come to life – she’d be great.”
A later email, from a Columbia Pictures executive, notes that Robbie’s representatives pitched her the idea, and “she loved it!”, adding that she would be free after wrapping her role in the upcoming Tarzan.
The email thread turns somewhat nasty when it comes to the discussion of potential co-stars. Kristen Wiig is mentioned as a possible sidekick before being dismissed as “a bit sad/pathetic.”
Sandra Bullock‘s name also comes up, but she’s brushed aside as being “too old” and also too expensive, as apparently, Sony are averse to the idea of spending “a bundle” on the film.
At the time the emails were written, Amy Schumer and Amy Adams appeared to be the strongest contenders, and we would enthusiastically support either choice.
It would be hard to top Kristen Wiig’s existing performance as Barbie, but we’ll see how this all shakes out.
via News Limited
Photo: Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez via Getty Images