Behind-the-scenes footage from The Real Housewives of Sydney – a series so extremely nasty, even for a Real Housewives franchise, that US networks refused to air it – has leaked, showing housewife Victoria Rees absolutely losing her shit and attacking a cameraman with a homophobic slur in Singapore.

In episode eight, which aired in April of last year, six of the seven stars sat down for dinner in Singapore, before Rees and Athena X Levendi had an explosive argument, which ended with Rees throwing a napkin into Levendi’s face, and both women throwing water at each other across the table.

The show cut the scene at Rees’ storm-off. Well, Rees’ outburst apparently only escalated from there, the leaked footage showing Rees having a total meltdown as she tries to leave the venue to go home, swatting cameras away and pushing a member of the crew. The video ends with Rees aiming a homophobic slur at him, and saying “They all fucking hate you“, as she leaves the venue.

The clip was picked up and shared on Instagram by Kiis 1065‘s Kyle & Jackie O on Friday.

Two people who are definitely pretty pleased that this clip got out are fellow cast members Lisa Oldfield and Levendi herself.

As of time of writing, Victoria Rees had not publicly commented on the footage.

Neither Foxtel nor production company Matchbox Pictures have given any word about a second season of RHoS, although it’s seemed pretty unlikely since Foxtel’s executive director of TV, Brian Walsh commented in May last year:

A lot of the women in this show were nasty for nasty’s sake and have no redeeming features.

I’ve raised my concerns with the production team [Matchbox Pictures] from this season. I felt the bad language and behaviour throughout the series did go too far.

Season four of The Real Housewives of Melbourne finished up in February this year.

Source: Kiis 1065
Image: The Real Housewives of Sydney