Just two days after ex-Bachelor contestant Laura Byrne announced her and Matty J’s pregnancy, Laura added to the cuteness overload by posting a video today, where she revealed her pregnancy to boo Matty J.

In the adorable video posted by Laura, she hands Matty J a card that reads ‘thanks for that thing you did’. But before he even opens it, he says “You’re pregnant.” God, way to ruin the surprise, Matty.

He then opens the card looks at Laura and says “I knew it, I knew it”, confirming the pregnancy. Awww. Even their daughter Marlie is visibly excited in the video.

I’m honestly so impressed with Marlie’s handling of the pregnancy announcement. I can think of 101 pregnancy announcement fails, where the kids throws a tantrum for gaining a new sibling. Kudos to you Marlie, you are honestly better than all of us.

Anyway, is there something in the water? Because it seems like every man and his dog are having a baby these days: Ashley Tisdale, Emma Roberts, Bindi Irwin, Nicki Minaj AND Gigi Hadid. Like what?

Is being stuck in isolation making everyone fuck like rabbits? Ok, don’t answer that. But all the signs point to yes.

Now, if anyone else is feeling Bachelor fatigue due to all the drama. Let me remind you that some happy things can actually come out of The Bachelor. It’s true, love does exist.

This video reminiscing on the three years since Laura and Matt met on The Bachelor is a perfect reminder of how The Bachelor actually can work. “You’re hands down my favourite bachelor, I love you forever and our little family,” Laura writes in the caption on Instagram.

I’m not one to find this type of lovey-dovey stuff adorable, you have my parents divorce to blame for that. But honestly, these guys really look so good together and they are really are a beautiful little family (Ok, I think I just vomitted in my mouth a little).