Laura Byrne Had To Step In After The Internet Went Wild Over An Old IG Comment To Bachie’s Bella

We all know Bachie fans can get a little bit intense with their speculations and online detective work, but this time, we were all so off the money that Laura Byrne herself had to step in and hit us with facts.

Just today, there was a fresh hit of online investigation around a comment that Bella Varelis left on one of Byrne’s photos with her hubby Matty J and her bubby Marlie-Mae.

“Happy birthday to the lil angel xxx” wrote Varelis, to which Byrne responded “thinking of you honey.”

This comment in all its open-ended glory sent the internet spiralling for a bit, with fans taking from it that Bella’s journey on The Bachelor all ends in heartbreak. It’s important to note that this entire exchange happened at the time of filming, which led people to believe Laura knew something about Bella’s fate on the show.

Once the speculation train left the station, nothing but the truth could stop it from rolling out of control.

Enter, the truth. In but a single comment, Laura Byrne shut down the whole fiasco, giving us hope once more for Bella’s chances on the show. Laura wrote:

“Guys I wrote ‘thinking of you’ because 1) I found out her grandfather was unwell. 2) pap photos had been all over the Daily Mail of Bella on her single date with Locky so it was already public knowledge she was on the show.

“It’s literally the craziest most stressful experience being on The Bachelor and having your most vulnerable moments shown to the world – so, I was thinking of her!”

The eye-roll emoji at the end is really the icing on the cake here. Folks, we’re simply getting too wild with our speculations.

Laura Byrne Comment

Some fans also chimed in with their speculations as to why Laura would comment such a thing, with some hitting the jackpot with their guesses.

Laura Byrne Supporter

So looks like we can pack up our magnifying glasses and detective hats. Laura doesn’t hate Bella, and definitely doesn’t know how she ends up at the end of her journey for love with Locky.

Now let us all return to peace, until tomorrow’s tea arrives.