Laura Byrne Asked Her Followers How Many Holes A Woman Has & The Answers Are Truly Something

Laura Byrne
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

On their Life Uncut podcast, Laura Byrne and fellow Bachie alum Brittany Hockley chat all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Like how much men know about women’s bodies… or rather, don’t know.

Taking to her Instagram the other day, Laura said in a video on her story: “Guys, if you listened to today’s episode, we asked a very important question and I need to know your answers.

“That is, if you have asked your boyfriends or your brothers or any other men in your life, if they know how many holes a woman has down there.”

Then her fiancé, Matty J, chimed in and said, “There’s like 15! So many! Everyone’s different. We’ve all got different amount of holes. I have five!”

Such a dad. 

Absolutely stunned by the lack of people who didn’t know, Laura posted the answer on the Life Uncut IG.

The urethra, vagina, and anus… in case you were wondering.

Laura later shared a whole bunch of DMs from women whose partners didn’t know the answer.

I shit you not, this was one of the entries: “I asked my partner the female ‘hole’ situation. His answer was 4…. 1 for urinating, 1 for no. 2’s, 1 for period and 1 for uterus. He realised as soon as he said it aloud it was incorrect!”

Another follower wrote, “I just asked my 55yo bf and he said 2. Your anus for poo and vagina for sex and babies. We have six children btw. He looked stunned when I said we have 3. Like WTAF.”

One more.

“I just asked my partner thinking there was no way he would get it wrong… he said 2 and then said, ‘no way show me!’, when I informed him.”


ANYWAY, you can listen to Life Uncut wherever you get your podcast fix. Check it out right here.

I just saw this and spat out my tea. GOOD TIMES.