Your BF Pedro Pascal Will Star In HBO’s The Last Of Us Adaptation, So Go On And Shiv Me Daddy

HBO’s The Last of adaptation has found its Joel and Ellie: Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Are you screaming yet? I’m screaming. Internally AND externally, so apologies to my colleagues.

It’s a deadset Game of Thrones reunion. Pedro played hot bisexual prince Oberyn Martell, while Bella played scene-stealing little Lady Lyanna Mormont. Of course, they were never actually in a scene together. Still. Reunion.

The Last Of Us is essentially a zombie first player game, set in the former United States some 20 years after an outbreak of the Cordyceps fungus destroyed the country. I played the first game in lockdown, and the first 20 minutes or so where a ‘virus’ causes ‘chaos’ and an ‘end to civilisation as we know it’? Triggering as fuuuuck.

lyanna mormont

That being said, calling The Last Of US ‘just’ a zombie film is underselling it by a million miles. It’s about survival, family, grief, and the depths of human selfishness, and will break your heart about a thousand times.

Joel is the hardened survivor and borderline criminal, who is tasked with smuggling the orphaned Ellie out of a heavily quarantined zone where Boston used to be. (I say ‘borderline’, because Joel’s past is ~mysteriously~ never fully explained in the first game*, but his body count is so high by the end of the game he might as well be Wanted Man #1.)

By the end… well, I won’t spoil the end, because it’s a beautiful tale to watch play out (and literally play out). When I finished, I just sat there letting the end credits roll, processing the emotions this game had just put me through. I would die for Ellie and Joel.

ellie joel last of us

The highly, highly anticipated series is being helmed by Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin, who is penning the script and co-producing., alongside Neil Druckmann.

So when can we expect the series to drop? No idea. A date hasn’t been set, and coronavirus continues to slow down every single production. But it’s starting to smell like it *might* be our new cultural behemoth – the show that inspires podcasts and recaps and a thousand Reddit sleuths. And if so, gimme.

*Nobody spoil The Last Of Us Part II for me because I’m only 30% of the way through. If you do I will HUNT YOU DOWN, I swear to god.