Oscar Best Picture favourites Black Swan and The King’s Speech have both received extra accolades just a day before the Academy Awards ceremony.

The 26th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards were handed out this morning local time, with Black Swan taking home Best Picture, Best Actress for the expectant Natalie Portman and Best Director for Darren Aronofsky. The King’s Speech, out of the running for most of the big awards due to the fact that it isn’t American, nonetheless won the coveted Best Foreign Film award.

But America’s foremost indie awards don’t take themselves too seriously. Really. In presenting the Best Screenplay award, Paul Rudd (pictured, above) somehow managed to both grab Eva Mendes’ breast and have his crotch attacked by Rosario Dawson. We still don’t know what that’s about. But it definitely has nothing to do with ballet.

Hollywood Internet junkies are buzzing with predictions for the Oscars, with many citing the Black Swan wins at Independent Spirit Awards as a likely forerunner for it to win Best Picture tonight.

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