Please Enjoy This ‘Last Jedi’ Gag Reel In Which Leia Slaps Poe 41 Times

Whom among you doesn’t love a good old-fashioned gag reel; a glorious collation of your favourite actors screwing up, stuffing about, and breaking more than a karate festival in a wooden board factory. The Last Jedi one? Mates, it’s a goddamn joy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is gearing up for its Blu Ray home release, and in preparation for that we’re getting glimpses of the special features contained therein. Namely, a clip of the gag reel featuring Carrie Fisher paintbrush Oscar Isaac‘s face a grand total of 41 times.

Yes, folks. The scene in which General Leia Organa slaps Poe Dameron like he owes her money took more than a few takes, and thanks to the good folk at Entertainment Weekly, we’ve got a meaty serving of hand-to-face goodness.

The clip from the gag reel isn’t merely confined to slap happy antics, though. We also get a little bit of John Boyega picking something out of his bum, Mark Hamill taking a nostalgic ride in an X-Wing, and a teeny tiny baby BB-8 that SOMEHOW DIDN’T MAKE IT INTO THE MOVIE WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE IT OUT YOU ANIMALS.

Really, though. Those slaps. Unreal scenes there. Precious, dearly missed Carrie really gave it to him.

According to Rian Johnson, that was a day one shoot for Isaac, too.

Acting. It’s a tough gig, folks.