Larry David & Bernie Sanders Are 100% Related & It’s Prettay, Prettay Good

Don’t act like you weren’t suspicious: Larry David as Bernie Sanders was just too good – too real – to be entirely coincidental.
And yep, turns out, it’s totally not. Larry & the Bern are totally, honestly, really truly related. Distantly, but for realsies.
Wow. This feels… just really great.

The news emerged today when David was on a panel promoting the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. He’d recently taken part in American genealogy series Finding Your Roots (not nearly as good a title as Who Do You Think You Are?, just quietly), and discovered that he and Sanders are like, cousins or something.
That’s not editorialising. It’s David’s actual quote:
“He’s in the line… like a third cousin or something. I was very happy about that, I figured there was some connection. I love Bernie.”
exclusive footage of the Sanders/David ancestral voyage
God bless this perfect pair of third cousins (or something). Also, LOL @ Finding Your Roots, who apparently specifically instructed David not to talk about his famous distant relly.
Whoops. But also:
Source: Mashable / CNN
Image: Vidme.