Lana Del Rey has once again worn a mesh mask, despite the whole world knowing that wearing one literally does nothing to curb the spread of COVID.

At a meet-and-greet with fans, the singer appeared to be wearing a glorified fish net stocking on her face…and honey you ain’t fooling anyone with that.

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Impromptu signing

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Del Rey posted a video from the event, where she read passages from her new poetry book Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass to eager fans. However, even Lana stans were critical of her not-even-close-to-a-mask mask and some even roasted her. Wow, imagine roasting your own god?

“YOU MAKE IT SO HARD TO STAN PLEASEE WEAR A PROPER MASK” wrote one user who received more than 30,000 likes for the comment.

Another wrote: “I love you sis but please wear a real mask, it’s gives a bad message :(“

And my personal favourite: “It’s my birthday so my gift from u should be…wearing a proper mask ????✨”

It’s not the first time Del Rey has worn one of those mesh death traps on her face. Last month, she appeared on the front cover of Interview Magazine, wearing another bedazzled face mask.

According to the World Health Organisation, cloth masks need to have three layers to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. But mesh wouldn’t even be one layer, it’s like half a layer. It’s useless.

Del Rey is yet to address the criticism and honestly doesn’t seem to give a shit. Which I have to admit is kind of a vibe…but no it’s bad, it’s definitely bad. Ugh, it’s just so hard to hate her.

Who am I kidding? No one is going to hate her for this. She’s untouchable, and rightly so.