Fans In A State Of Shock After Lana Del Rey Confirms She’s A Cancer, Not A Gemini

If your mate is a die-hard Lana Del Rey fan, you may wanna call and check-in because he or she is probably curled up in the fetal position, struggling to compute the shocking revelation that their queen is a Cancer sign and not a Gemini sign.

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Since the start of Lana’s career, the girl has been heralded as a Gemini ‘coz she was born on June 21, which is the cusp of Gemini and Cancer.

I’m not going to go into the full mathematics but it has long been debated whether or not cusps should be validated or if one should simply check their exact time of birth and use that as the basis for determining which ONE star sign they belong to.

Well, Del Rey clearly does not subscribe to the cusp theology ‘coz in a recent Twitter interaction with a fan, she answered the mystery once and for all.

A fan posted a comments thread from a convo with the singer where she was probed about her star sign.

In the chat, she announced that she is a “Taurus rising” because she was “born 2:46am NYC”.

“Lana Del Rey’s birth time has been confirmed and public knowledge for years I just forgot to look it up? Anyway, confirmed Gemini,” the fan tweeted.

Lana then tweeted with a correction, thus ending the great debate.

“I’m actually a cancer I was born at 4:47 PM,” she responded.

Lana’s announcement that she is not part of the Gemini fam, during Gemini season, of all times, has sent shock waves throughout the community.

It’s at this point that I’d like to point out that OF COURSE this bombshell is dropped during Gemini season. This is the kind of shit I was warning you about.

Hold up guys, are we seriously shocked that Lana Del Rey is a goddamn water sign?

No human on earth has EVER exhibited more water sign energy than Lana.

Her songs and poetry are dripping with emotive, sensitive and intuitive vibes.

Not to mention she has a total affinity for the sea, what with ‘High By The Beach’ and such.

Y’all are kidding yourselves if you think she belongs to the Geminis. She’s a definite water sign and we all need to respect that.

Behold, our aquatic messiah: