Lame ‘Star Wars’ Official Instagram Account Emerges

Pack up, guys. We can all go home. Disney have already begun to smear their otherwise delicious Disney-juices all over the Star Wars franchise, as evidenced by the launch of their official instagram account, featuring Jar Jar level of cheesiness / ‘Darth Vader‘ miraculously returned from the dead (SPOILER ALERT) to take a selfie. Because, youths.

As Verge reports it, “the Instagram account is a fun taste of Disney’s plans to introduce the Star Wars universe it now controls to a new generation of moviegoers who aren’t familiar with Luke Skywalker or Han Solo.” yeahnah.

This comes shortly after the Star Wars: Episode VII release date was finally announced; with several years worth of instagrams to come the question of ‘Is Disney Going to Fuck Up The New Star Wars?‘ remains to be seen.

via Instagram