Wax versions of celebs are usually pretty off. As in, they look kinda-sorta look like the star in question, but on second glance they also really don’t. But more often than not, they’re passable enough for fans to clamour around for happy snaps which they then use to fool their more gullible friends. HAHA, gotcha, etc.

But every so often, a wax figure comes along that is just so, so bad that it’s not even apparent which A-lister it is even supposed to be. So very off that you’re left wondering: U ok, Beyoncé?

Today, our eyes have been assaulted by a wax likeness of Lady Gaga that looks like the singer has been doused in boiling oil and left out in the sun to crisp.

Cop a load of this:

Like, wot?

This New Lady Gaga Wax Figure Will Haunt Your Dreams For Eternity

If the real Gaga showed up anywhere looking like this, we’d be making her a nice hot tea and telling her to get some well-earned rest.


The wax figure in question was unveiled last week at a museum in Peru, and is sporting the singer’s iconic meat dress which she wore for the 2010 VMAs. While that fleshy frock was once the most disturbing thing about Gaga, this waxwork has now taken out the number one spot.

Fans on Twitter were, predictably, outraged by the cheap imitation of their Mother Monster.

Surely good and pure human Gaga deserves better than this.

Image: Getty Images / Kevin Winter