Fan participation at major shows requires one thing and one thing only: For the fan to not fuck anything up. That’s it. That’s all they’ve gotta do. They’ve gotta get on stage only when invited, perform whatever partway humiliating task is required of them, and leave the stage without managing to fuck the show or – god forbid – the star, up. Apparently though, that instruction wasn’t transmitted to this bulky doofus who managed to drop himself and Lady Gaga off the stage in a scary tumble a short time ago.

Gaga is currently in Las Vegas performing a residency leg of her Enigma show at the Park MGM Theatre.

During today’s performance, she invited a rather meaty-looking fellow onto the stage where she proceeded to climb him like a tree.

Only problem there is that apparently one of said tree’s trunks was about as sure-footed as a tumble dryer with a brick in it, because old mate managed to completely miss the edge of the stage, tumbling off it to the floor with Lady By-God Gaga still attached to him.

Cop this footage of it. That fall is rough.

Judging by that vision, the fan took the brunt of the impact square on his anoos, but jesus christ imagine being the idiot that manages to break Lady Gaga’s back, for god’s sake.

Ever the resilient type, Gaga apparently bounced back up and finished the rest of her set relatively unscathed.

Whether the same can be said of the fan’s clearly now-shattered tailbone remains to be seen.

Again: Do not drop the star of the show off the stage they’re performing on. Under no circumstances should you do that.