The recent film performances by Australia’s up and coming Lady of LOLs, Rebel Wilson, has inspired a new league of fans since her days on the The Wedge and Thank God You’re Here. Lady Gaga is the latest to join the growing league of supporters, praising the actress’s hilarious rendition of “Edge of Glory” on the Tonight Show.

On the promotional trail for Wilson’s new Glee-esque film Pitch Perfect, Wilson explained to Tonight Show host Jay Leno that she had performed Gaga’s song in her audition, securing her the part of “Fat Amy” in the yet to be released comedy about an all-girl a cappella group.

Check out Rebel’s amazing body percussion and dance moves which elicit alarmed reactions from both Leno and fellow guest Bryan Cranston:

Lady Gaga, who must’ve caught the footage, tweeted praise for Rebel’s performance, providing her followers with a link to the video uploaded on her own social network:
Lady Gaga Is A Huge Fan Of Rebel Wilson

Wilson promptly wrote back (although the tweet has since been removed):
Lady Gaga Is A Huge Fan Of Rebel Wilson

Main images by Graham Denham and Jason Merritt for Getty
Words By Nikki Brogan