Lady Gaga Designs Camera-Sunglasses For Polaroid

Considering her healthy relationship with cameras and unsurpassed magnetism for all things media Lady Gaga seemed an odd but kinda understandable choice by Polaroid for the role of Creative Director for Specialty Line of Polaroid Imaging Products, which they announced in January 2010.

After the initial announcement and subsequent pantless junket appearances Gaga’s new career seemed like nothing more than a publicity stunt to get the Polaroid brand back into the youth culture consciousness; but it turns out she was keeping quiet and busily working away on the Polaroid Grey Label: a line of products encompassing Polaroid’s heritage of delivering simplicity with the style, wit and sensibility of Lady Gaga. The collection includes the GL20 Camera Glasses. Welcome to the future (future… future….)

GL20 Camera Glasses

These gadget sunglasses take photos and record video so users can instantly capture or upload photos with the built-in camera and then display the images on the glasses’ LCD screens for others to see. No word yet on the levels of UV protection the sunglasses provide but it’s safe to say that Beyond 2000 had nothin on this shit back in the day.

The GL20 Camera Glasses will be available later this year, at a price to be announced.

Via and Gizmodo

Title Image by Kevin Winter via Getty