Fans Are Legit Panicking That They Broke Up Lady Gaga And Her Fiancé

lady gaga

Ever since A Star Is Born premiered last year, fans have enthusiastically shipped Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shacking up together, despite both celebrities already being in serious relationships.

And while it’s all been kind of an in-joke to date, after last night’s Grammy Awards, fans are legitimately worried that Lady Gaga and her fiancé Christian Carino might have broken up.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s have a look at the evidence.

First up, Gaga arrived at the Grammys solo dolo and proceeded to walk the red carpet alone – this is pretty standard for the singer, who normally meets Christian inside but, unlike usual, Christian didn’t attend the event at all.

Secondly, Gaga didn’t wear her engagement ring at all on the night:

lady gaga
Source: Getty Images /  Jon Kopaloff

lady gaga

But again, this ain’t as much of a big deal as we might think, given Gaga has previously chosen to leave the ring at home for some performances, only to wear it for her next red carpet.

Then, when she won three Grammy Awards, she didn’t thank or mention Christian once, instead dedicating her speech to the entire crew and stressing the importance of exploring mental health issues in Hollywood. Watch her acceptance speech here:

While it’s entirely possible there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on here, fans are worried that all these add up to indicate that Gaga and Christian might’ve split.

Now seriously concerned that something might be up, fans took to Instagram to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary happening there and, after some sleuth work, they discovered that Gaga and Christian aren’t even following each other’s accounts. Many, however, are unsure if they ever did follow each other.

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Christian hasn’t posted anything for the last five days, however, his last post was dedicated to his future wife:

Basically, there’s a lot to process here and we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.

Meanwhile, Twitter has gone into a mini-meltdown over the prospect of shipping Bradley and Gaga so much that it potentially caused a break up:

“Did y’all notice Gaga isn’t wearing her ring tonight and it’s like the first time since she’s been engaged to Christian.. omg Bradley come through!” wrote one.

“everybody are talking gaga broke up with christian cuz she’s not wearing an engagement ring omg” added another.

“Ι really think that lady gaga broke up with christian. She didn’t even thank you during ger acceptance speech.”

Wait for real lady Gaga and Christian Carino aren’t following each other and she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring.”

Having said that, there are always a few who just like to watch the world burn:

“@ladygaga isn’t wearing her engagement ring and we’re all hoping she finally left grandpa Christian to be with her true love, daddy Bradley.”

“lady gaga and carino break up coming soon…a dream.”